Preparing input data for joint PP/PS inversion

David C. Henley, Gary F. Margrave, Hongbo Zhang

Joint inversion of PP and PS seismic data, utilizing the inherent AVO information, was established as a useful interpretive technique several years ago. Subsequently, a ProMAX module was written to perform the computations on either models or seismic field data. While the software has existed for some time and has been released to sponsors, clear instructions for use of the module did not exist; and it was only by detailed examination of the source code, and the thesis on which it was based, that the user could learn about the requirements for input data as well as the format of the output data. This chapter details the steps necessary to prepare input data for the joint inversion and describes the output in some detail. A help file now exists for the ProMAX joint inversion module which guides a novice user in the preparation of input data, running of the module, and identification of output traces. The help file is included as an appendix to this chapter.