Additions to the CREWES MATLAB Library

Christopher B. Harrison

This report will show and discuss the various Matlab programs that have been significantly altered and or created by CREWES Research Associate, Christopher Harrison. The development of these additions and modifications has mainly taken place in the PC environment in release 13 of Matlab. It has been attempted to limit, if not completely avoid the use of PC specific commands in each of the programs, but cross platform issues may still occur. This limiting of PC commands was attempted due to the lack of testing on UNIX based systems and no testing on Mac based systems. Testing of the programs covered in this paper has taken place, but field usage may reveal more issues then lab testing could ever find.

There are two programs that have not been changed, but simply rewritten to take advantage of new developments in the Matlab programming environment. The two programs in question are askthings and namecolor whose original routines are still functional and available in the CREWES Matlab library. Two new programs that have been added to replace these antiquated routines are called askthingsle and namecolorle. These new programs differ from their progenitors mainly in their usage of uiwait and uiresume commands which allow for calling their routines only once from other programs. Askthingsle is similar to its forbearer in that it is a dialogue that allows a developer to input questions with selectable or editable answers, and have a user return specific answers. Namecolorle is similar to is forbearer in that is a dialogue that allows a developer to question a user to change the name and or color of a specific variable. It is encouraged that askthingsle and namecolorle be used when developing new routines to move away from their antiquated counterparts. The simple routine, figcent, has also been changed to allow new figures to be centered not just on the main screen, but also on specific figures.

A geophysical program added is called lascreator and allows user to create simple synthetic Version 2.0 LAS files. The GUI displays four blocks that allow a user to input four characteristics, Depth, Vs, Vp, and density into a maximum of 99 layers. Depth can be chosen as feet, meters or seconds, density has 6 separate units, with Vs and Vp being entered as standard velocities depending on the depth units. A plot is displayed on the lascreator window to show relative values of characteristics and present location of the 4 visible layers. This routine can be used through the command window of Matlab or in conjunction with other programs.

A non geophysical program has been added called matinterrogator. This routine offers an easy way that a user can select, rename, and change information in arrays of a selected .mat file. The program can be used from the command window or integrated into a program. Matinterogator can be used on its own from the Matlab command window or in conjunction with other programs.