More coherent noise attenuation in the radial trace domain

David C. Henley

The radial trace (R-T) domain has been shown to be useful for coherent noise attenuation and other seismic wavefield separation operations because of the particular geometric distortion produced by the R-T transform. In recent work, a number of different variations of R-T domain coherent noise attenuation were tested and compared using a familiar shot gather from the Blackfoot seismic survey. The more promising methods are identified.

Because the R-T transform does not require input data to be uniformly gridded, R-T domain coherent noise attenuation can be readily applied to appropriate trace gathers from 3D land data sets. For most surveys, receiver line gathers are the most appropriate trace ensembles for coherent noise attenuation.

The R-T software modules in ProMAX have been updated to reflect recent work and to assist in testing proposed new R-T operations. These alterations are described and documented.