Spherical wave AVO-modelling in elastic isotropic media

Arnim B. Haase, Charles P. Ursenbach

The AVO-response of two-layer isotropic models for AVO-Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 is investigated for converted waves. Zoeppritz's reflection coefficients and the Weyl/Sommerfeld-integral are utilized for the computations. Spherical wave results for Rps and Rpp are compared with plane wave reflectivity. Depth dependence of spherical wave AVO is found to be strongest near critical angles of Classes 1 and 2. There is some similarity between Rps and Rpp for Classes 1 and 2. Normalized Class 3 and 4 responses show no depth dependence. There is no similarity between Class 3 Rps and Rpp .