The new CREWES/FRP seismic modeling system an update

Eric V. Gallant, Henry C. Bland, Malcolm B. Bertram, Donald C. Lawton

A new physical modelling seismic system is currently being installed in the basement of the Earth Sciences building, at the University of Calgary. The system is designed to carry out simulated seismic surveys over scaled-down earth models. This third-generation system is designed for greater accuracy and flexibility, allowing it to be used for 2-D, 3- D, OBC, marine streamer, vertical cable, and VSP surveys in both single- and multicomponent configurations. The system has six axes of motion, with independent travel for the source and receiver transducers in each of the X, Y and Z planes. The system is currently being assembled and when completed will have positioning accuracy of +/-45 m over 1.2 m.