Current and planned VSP capabilities within CREWES

Joe Wong, Donald C. Lawton, Malcolm B. Bertram, Robert R. Stewart

Datasets donated by industry and seismic field equipment currently available to the CREWES Project are the basis of its VSP research capabilities. Analysis of sponsor-donated VSP data from various geological settings by CREWES staff and graduate students has led to the development of new ideas and algorithms. In addition, access to modern seismic instrumentation has given CREWES the ability to conduct research-scale field surveys efficiently. Existing hardware suitable for VSP acquisition include hydrophone arrays, three-component downhole geophones, various recording systems, and the recently commissioned EnviroVibe vertical vibrator. Planned projects to enhance VSP capabilities within CREWES include the drilling of a shallow test well somewhere near Calgary, and the evaluation of a downhole vibrator source for shallow reverse VSP data acquisition.