Searching for sand reservoirs: Processing 3C-3D seismic data from Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

Han-xing Lu, Kevin W. Hall, Robert R. Stewart, D. Feuchtwanger, Bryan Szatkowski

In February 2005, a 3C-3D seismic survey was acquired by Kinetex Inc. for Calroc Energy Inc. near Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan. Exploration targets of the survey include oil and gas in the Colony sand member and the Sparky Formation of the Lower- Cretaceous Mannville Group. Reflections are observed throughout the vertical component shots, but are not as prominent on the radial component. The dominant frequency of the P-P data is about 75 Hz, while that of the P-S data is approximately 50 Hz. The final migrated P-P and preliminary migrated P-S volumes both have good reflectivity and tie well to synthetic seismograms. P-P time-slices show an amplitude anomaly that is interpreted to be a Colony sand channel. The preliminary P-S sections correlate reasonably well with the P-P sections. Following completion of radial component processing, these data will be good candidates for litholology interpretation and fluid estimation.