Violet Grove 2D data processing at CREWES update

Han-xing Lu, Kevin W. Hall, Donald C. Lawton

A series of 3C-2D seismic lines were simultaneously acquired in 2005 by Veritas DGC Inc. in the Pembina field near Violet Grove, Alberta. These data are the baseline survey for a 4D study, intended to monitor reservoir changes during ongoing CO2 injection. Lines 1, 4 and 5 were oriented N-S (lines 4 and 5 are receiver lines), and lines 2 and 3 are E-W lines. A previous report has discussed CREWES processing of line 1 as a 2D line, and all lines as a 3D volume.

This update details vertical and radial component processing of lines 2 and 3, with an emphasis on radial component processing. Data quality is high, and good results have been obtained for these lines, which are very comparable to earlier results from CREWES and Veritas.