VSP processing and analysis at the Ross Lake heavy oilfield, Saskatchewan

Zimin Zhang, Robert R. Stewart

In June 2003, the CREWES Project, Husky Energy Inc., and Schlumburger Canada conducted a multi-offset VSP survey at Ross Lake oilfield, Saskatchewan. This paper describes the processing of two of the data sets with source offsets of 53m and 400m. The processing results have a frequency bandwidth from 10Hz to 90Hz. The corridor stack (from 53m offset) ties the offset section (from 400m) nicely as well as the synthetic seismogram generated from wireline log data. Q values for both P wave and shear wave were also estimated through the spectral ratio method. We have confidence in extracted Qp values from 28 to 51 over the interval of 450m to 1000m and Qs values from 6 to 22 over the interval of 200 to 800m.