An analog/digital cable design for rapid land 3-C acquisition

Henry C. Bland, Malcolm B. Bertram, Randy Cameron

One of the biggest challenges to acquiring land 3-C seismic surveys using analog cables is the connection of the geophones to the recording system. Without custom-built 3-C cables, there is a high likelihood of tangling during cable deployment and pick-up. In addition, the multitude of connectors at each geophone station provides ample opportunity for cross-wiring geophone components. A 3-C geophone cable is designed that addresses these issues. The cable is designed for 8-channel field digitization units. It combines all the conductors of three single-component cables into a single molded cable. A single 6-conductor connector is applied to each take-out, greatly simplifying the connection of geophones. A prototype of the cable is currently being constructed by ARAM Systems Ltd., and field tests are planned for early 2007.