Petrophysical analysis of well logs from Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

Maria Fernanda Quijada, Robert R. Stewart

This report presents the log analysis results from three wells in the Manitou Lake area, in west central Saskatchewan. A 3C-3D survey was acquired in the area by CALROC Energy LTD. in February 2005, with the Colony sand and Sparky members as exploration targets. The log analysis indicates that the Colony and Sparky members have very high porosities, up to 37 % and very low water saturation. The water resistivities calculated from the 3 different water zones give consistent values, between 0.12 and 0.15 m, which is consistent with resistivities from the catalog for that area. Extremely high permeabilities were obtained in the Colony interval, probably due to the lack of calibration of certain parameters in the formula with core data, especially for the CPERM parameter which can take on a wide range of values. Future work involves the calibration of the log analysis with core, test and production data from nearby wells.