Acquisition and analysis of 3C land streamer data

Gabriela M. Suarez Barbero, Robert R. Stewart

During the autumn of 2007, approximately 210 m of near-surface seismic reflection data were recorded over Priddis, Alberta as part of the University of Calgary's Geophysics Summer school program. This seismic experiment constituted the first attempt of the CREWES project to acquire seismic data using a land streamer. The 60 channel seismic land streamer consisted of 20 3C geophones with 1-m takeout spacing and a 12 lb. sledgehammer with handle trigger as the seismic source. The 2007 Priddis land streamer seismic survey produced data that imaged up to 50 m of the near surface layers, with prominent reflections at around 50-60 ms and 300 ms.