Priddis 3D seismic survey and development of a training centre

Donald C. Lawton, Malcolm B. Bertram, Robert R. Stewart, Han-xing Lu, Kevin W. Hall

A high-resolution 3D seismic survey was undertaken to map shallow aquifers near Calgary, Alberta. The survey was 500 m x 300 m in area, with shot and receiver lines in an orthogonal geometry using 50 m line separation. Shots and geophones were spaced at 10m intervals along source and receiver lines, respectively. The surface source used was an 18,000 lb EnviroVibe sweeping over a 10 Hz to 180 Hz range. The survey yielded excellent reflections with a dominant frequency of 50 Hz. One high-amplitude east- dipping reflection, occurring between depths of 250 m and 450 m, was mapped over the survey area. The site is currently being reviewed for the development of a geophysical training centre.