Residual converted wave statics

Arnim B. Haase, David C. Henley

In a departure from the commonly found pilot trace technique of residual static estimation we adapt a method based on near-neighbour trace cross-correlation and outlier rejection. This method without pilot trace is applied to converted-wave static computations for selected common receiver gathers of the Spring Coulee three component survey. Pre-processing of the input common receiver gathers includes NMO-correction, deconvolution, P-wave shot statics application, AGC and a band-pass filter. From the cross-correlation lags of every receiver gather we remove structure terms and residual NMO. Then residual shot statics are estimated and corrected. The next step is outlier rejection and stacking of common receiver gather traces followed by cross-correlation of the stacked traces. The resulting cross-correlation lags yield a first estimate of S-wave receiver static shifts.