Residual converted wave statics

Arnim B. Haase, David C. Henley

First estimates of S-wave receiver static shifts are applied to selected common receiver gathers of the Spring Coulee three component survey. Pre-processing of the input common receiver gathers includes NMO-correction, deconvolution, P- wave shot statics application, AGC and a band-pass filter. Residual S-wave receiver static shifts are computed from shot records obtained by resorting the chosen subset of receiver gathers. Prior to this computation of residuals the shot records are preconditioned by estimating and removing DC-bias as well as residual normal move-out. When stacking residual-receiver-static corrected shot records, little difference is found on comparing to shot stacks without residual application. Further analysis by velocity-sweep trial-stacks and residual normal move-out removal reveals non-hyperbolic move-out as a possible cause for the observed stacking response.