Timath and frmath: experimental trace ensemble modules for ProMAX

David C. Henley

Much of the experimental software developed by CREWES is implemented within the MATLAB environment because of the sophistication of the MATLAB mathematical structure and the large library of functions and algorithms available. For testing programs in a production seismic environment, however, using many data sets of varying sizes and characteristics, it is often preferable to use an established standard seismic processing package such as ProMAX to apply a new algorithm. While several more mature CREWES algorithms have been embodied in their own ProMAX modules, it is timeconsuming and often tedious to write a complete new module to test each new idea, particularly if the idea is relatively simple, or the concept being tested is speculative. Hence, we have created two new ProMAX modules intended to apply computations of virtually any kind to the data samples in a 2D array (trace ensemble). We introduce these modules here and demonstrate their currently available functions. We expect that they will find value as research tools as we continually add new test functions to their menus.