Modelling from well logs with CREWES tools

Heather Jeanne Eileen Lloyd, Gary F. Margrave

In 1994, LOGSEC was written using the MATLAB programming language. Its original features included, importing logs, editing horizons, editing logs using LOGEDIT, propagating logs along the cross-section, converting the cross-section to time, and computing theoretical seismograms. Over time the code had to be modified to correct programming code changes and to add additional functionality to the program. Some of these new functions include computing a synthetic stack using the SYNGRAM algorithm and being able to export the section for further analysis with other tools. LOGEDIT also has new functions including a Gassmann Function which allows for fluid substitution in the logs, a Gardner Function and a Mudrock Line Function. A Blackfoot Channel model was created and used to illustrate the functions in both LOGEDIT and LOGSEC. Information on the functions in LOGSEC and LOGEDIT can be found in their respective User Guide or help files.