Numerical estimation of angle of incidence with Bleistein approach

Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Gary F. Margrave

The angle of incidence, i, of a ray is the angle measured from the ray to the reflector normal. Historically, ray tracing is used to compute the angle of incidence. According to ray tracing, a wave can be modeled as a large number of rays (narrow beam), and a ray can be considered locally straight over a very small distance. In ray tracing, Snell's law is used to compute ray path and the angle of incidence. We investigate a method to compute the angle of incidence from the ratio of two reflectivity attributes known as (reflectivity function) and 1. Another method, the ratio of 2 and 1, is also proposed to compute the angle of incidence with less computation. The basic objective of this paper is to verify the proposed approach numerically. A comparative study of the two methods, /1 and 2/1, is considered here.