Shot record depth migration of georadar

Robert James Ferguson, Adam Pidlisecky, Colin Rowell

We modify common shot record migration from seismic imaging into a single trace prestack depth migration (PSDM) specifically for georadar. Implemented using a combination of Linux, Pearl, and Octave programming languages, our georadar PSDM runs in parallel on the CREWES cluster Gilgamesh. This PSDM migrates the radar data from topography, and when compared to conventional migration derived from normal-incidence topography correction followed by zero-offset migration, we find that our PSDM returns significantly improved migrated images. As part of pre-imag e processing, we find that nonstationary deconvolution implemented in the Gabor domain significantly enhances the sharpness of reflection and diffraction events, and it signi ficantly enhances reflection and diffraction arrivals at later times when compared to conven tional spiking deconvolution.