A simple algorithm for the restoration of clipped GPR amplitudes

Akshay Gulati, Robert James Ferguson

It is common in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) imagery to have missing or corrupted traces. This can be either due to obstacles, noise, technical problems or economic considerations. Antenna-ground coupling is another reason for cl ipped amplitudes in GPR data. Most commercially available software use the famous "rubber band interpolation", which uses the spline polynomial to undo the clippings. This method is a simple polynomial based interpolation which performs declipping without con sidering any prior knowledge about the signal. In this paper, a modified Projection on convex set (POCS) method is adopted for reconstruction of clipped amplitudes. Restoration of bandlimited GPR data which has undergone amplitude clipping is studied. This algorithm is tested on real GPR data which is clipped. To study the effectiveness of the technique, results obtained are compared with industry standard rubber band interpolation.