Processing of the 2010 field school 3D and 2D seismic data from Priddis, Alberta

J. Helen Isaac, Donald C. Lawton

We processed the vertical component of 2D3C and 3D3C seismic data acquired at field schools near Priddis, Alberta, in 2010. The processing was designed to attenuate noise and enhance signal, especially in the section of interest above 0.5 s. Data quality is good, especially on the high fold prestack time migrated 2D line, where reflections can be seen almost to the surface in the western end of the line. The gentle easterly dip of the Neogene Paskapoo Formation and Early Cretaceous Edmonton Group can be seen above 0.5 s on the processed data. The Paskapoo Formation and Edmonton Group strata dip to the east above the upper detachment while deeper in the section, below the lower detachment which is just above the top of the Belly River, the reflections are sub-parallel. The top of the Mississippian carbonates is imaged at about 1.7 s.