Seismic physical modeling measurements on solid surfaces

Joe Wong, Faranak Mahmoudian, Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram

Using the University of Calgary Seismic Physical Modeling facility, we recorded common source on phenolic and acrylic solid slabs in order to characterize their velocity properties. P and S seismograms were recorded by placing piezoelectric transducers to the solid surfaces using different coupling techniques with various high-viscosity compounds. Analysis of various seismic gathers confirmed that the velocities of the acrylic plastic slab are isotropic. The P- and S-wave velocities of the phenolic slab are clearly orthorhombic. We observed how velocity anisotropy affected NMO stacking in different azimuthal directions, and determined the form of the non-hyperbolic stacking trajectories that must be applied in order to optimize the stack quality.