Estimating seismic attenuation (Qp & Qs) from rock properties

Zimin Zhang, Robert R. Stewart, Donald C. Lawton

As one of the basic attributes of seismic waves propagating in the earth, attenuation (or Q) has important values in the acquisition, processing, and interpretation of seismic data. The relationship between seismic attenuation and rock properties is investigated in this paper using VSP data and well logs from the Ross Lake heavy oilfield, Saskatchewan. The results reveal that Q values of P- and Swaves correlate to P modulus, Vp/Vs, effective porosity, and shale volume. The equations for Q estimation using these four rock properties were then derived using multiple parameter least-square regression method. The results show better prediction quality of Qp (R2=0.65) than Qs (R2=0.48).