The pulse-probe experiment - a look at the Autoseis recording system

Malcolm B. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall

The CREWES experiment at the Priddis test site in July 2012 was designed to test different acquisition methods and recording systems. The project was named Pulse-Probe to describe one of the source methods being tested. The equipment used were two Aries SPMLite recording systems, one with single SM7 3-component 10Hz geophones; the other with strings of 6 32CT 10Hz geophones podded and similar strings spread over 10 metres, an ION Scorpion with Vectorseis MEMS sensors, and Autoseis autonomous nodes each with 3 SM24 10Hz vertical geophones. Also tested were some GS-20DM 3- component geophones planted under sand bags instead of using spikes for coupling, and a single 3-component downhole geophone deployed in the well on the property. Sources for the survey were the University of Calgary Envirovibe, a Mertz M22 provided by Geokinetics, and dynamite shots of several charge sizes and depths. This paper makes some comparisons between the Aries and the Autoseis autonomous node recording systems.