Cold heavy oil reservoir characterization: wormhole modeling and seismic responses

Xiaoqin (Jean) Cui, Laurence R. Lines, Edward S. Krebes

Wormholes form fractural networks leading to increased reservoir permeability in the cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS). We extend ageneralized homogeneous approach to present an algorithm of the finite difference scheme with the fracture parameters, modeling the wormholes of CHOPS and the recorded synthetic seismograms from wormholes based on the non-welded contact theory (Schoenberg, 1980). This paper illustrates that the PP and PS seismic characters, such as amplitude, frequency, and travel time (velocity) will vary with the fractural network wormhole features. The paper exhibits that 4D seismic time-lapse technology can be used to monitor CHOPS production.