A brief look at CREWES fieldwork in 2018

Kevin L. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall, Kristopher A. Innanen, Malcolm B. Bertram, Donald C. Lawton

CREWES continues to use acquisition equipment to carry out surveys year round. These surveys are designed in house to gather data and test theories. It also provides an excellent opportunity for students and researchers at CREWES to witness first-hand how field data is collected. Furthermore, some researchers have actively been involved in data collection which they have then used for their reports this year.

Acquisition projects that CREWES took part in 2018 include: a) several small surveys at the CaMI Field Research Site; b) although not technically an acquisition project CREWES took part in the 2018 Earth Science for Society event; c) the 2018 Geophysics undergraduate Field School; d) a walkaway/walkaround VSP; e) the deployment and test of a multicomponent DAS layout.