Upgrades to the physical modelling lab and upcoming experiments

Marcelo Guarido, Nasser Kazemi, Joe Wong, Nadine Igonin, Kevin L. Bertram, Kristopher A. Innanen, Roman Shor

Physical modelling has been used extensively over the history of CREWES in order to study interesting phenomena and test novel algorithms. In this report, we present updates to the physical modelling laboratory that will allow for more sophisticated experiments and increase efficiency in acquisition. New sources (both P- and S-wave) of various sizes have been purchased, as well as more digitizers that would allow for 24-channel acquisition. Additionally, the source is being upgraded in order to be able to generate complex waveforms that may be more useful for various applications. A seismic while drilling (SWD) experiment is proposed in order to test the capability of SWD signals to enhance subsurface illumination. Using a model with inherent illumination problems, synthetic tests were carried out and used to build up the model to be used in the experiment. Microseismic data geometry is similar to SWD, and the experiment can be repeated, but with a different source pulse for the microseismic events. Preliminary results testing the radiation pattern of various sources are presented, as well as a list of future work that includes elastic physical modelling for SWD, microseismic, and time reversal imaging.