Internal multiple prediction and subtraction: well log synthetic

Andrew Iverson, Kristopher A. Innanen, Daniel O. Trad

Internal multiples can be a significant issue in the processing and interpretation of seismic data. The inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm is used to predict and attenuate internal multiples. The algorithm has displayed success, especially in cases with separation between the primary and internal multiple events. A land dataset with a significant internal multiple problem has been donated to CREWES. The focus of this report is on synthetic tests created from the donated well logs prior to analysis of the donated seismic data. Several objectives are examined here, including confirmation of the multiple issue through modeling, and assessment of the applicability of the method to predict and attenuate internal multiples in this case. It is shown that a careful implementation of the method using 2D adaptive subtraction successfully attenuates internal multiples, even where there is significant overlap between primary and multiple energy.