Analysis of the FWI workflow for geophone and DAS data from the 2018 CaMI VSP survey

Xiaohui Cai, Kristopher A. Innanen, Tianze Zhang, Kevin W. Hall, Matthew Eaid

In 2018, the Containment and Monitoring Institute Field Research Station (CaMI-FRS)in Newell County Alberta, which is part of CMC, carried out a 3D vertical seismic profile(VSP) (snowflake data) using three-component accelerometer and distributed acoustic sensing fibers (DAS). Eaid (2021a) have processed line 1 of the snowflake data to prepare them for inclusion in full waveform inversion. In this report, we mainly follow the processing and FWI workflow to inversion for the other line of the the snowflake data to detect the anisotropy of the area.