Friday Talks 2013

Please note that any animations or movies that were in the presentations will not play in these files

Date Author(s) Title Availability
  January 11 Marcus R. Wilson Velocity Model Sampling and Interpolation: The Gradient Problem   Document
  January 18 Ben Wards Not Available   Document
  January 25 Peng Cheng Not Available   Document
  February 1 Wenyuan Liao Full Waveform Inversion of Crosswell Seismic Data Using Automatic Differentiation   Document
  February 8 Joe Wong Not Available   Document
  February 15 Nassir Saeed Seismic data processing of Pikes Peak time-lapse surveys   Document
  March 1 Mahdi Almutlaq Independent vs. simultaneous time-lapse processing   Document
  March 8 Chris Harrison Not Available   Document
  March 15 Jessie Arthur Multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) applied to an active fault zone   Document
  March 15 Roohollah Askari Optimum aperture length for CMP Cross-Correlation of Surface Waves   Document
  March 22 Chris Petten Investigating the Sharpe Hollow Cavity Model: potential limitations and modeling tests   Document
  April 5 Hassan Khaniani Simultaneous P-P and P-S waveform inversion (a field case study)   Document
  April 5 Heather Lloyd The Art of Well Tying with Matlab   Document
  Oct-04 Wenyong Pan* and Kristopher A. Innanen and Gary F. Margrave Efficient Pseudo Gauss-Newton FWI in the time-ray parameter domain   Document
  Oct-11 Adrian Smith Non-stationary deconvolution and imaging of 2D tissue sensing adaptive radar data   Document
  Oct-18 Raul Cova Using Interferometry for Solving Non-stationary Shear Wave Statics   Document
  Oct-25 Penny Pan 1D internal multiple prediction in a multidimensional world: errors and recommendations   Document
  Nov-01 Davood Nowroozi Reservoir Modeling for Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Projecte (WASP)   Document
  Nov-08 Shahpoor Moradi Seismic Scattering Potential   Document
  Nov-15 Sina Esmaeili Recovering Low Frequencies For Impedance Inversion By Frequency Domain Deconvolution   Document
  Nov-22 Shahin Moradi Velocity-Stress Finite-Difference Modeling of Poroelastic Wave Propagation   Document
  Nov-29 Babatunde Arenrin Turning-ray tomography/Tomostatics   Document