Friday Talks 2017

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Date Author(s) Title Availability
13-Jan   Cultural Potluck (No Talk)    
20-Jan Faranak Mahmoudian Towards seismic moment tensor inversion for source mechanism   Document
27-Jan Nadine Igonin Tony Creek Dual Microseismic Experiment (ToC2ME)   Document
3-Feb Winnie Ajiduah A review of fracture models for azimuthal anisotropy studies   Document
10-Feb Dennis Ellison Improved resolution in depth imaging through reflection static corrections derived from model-based moveout   Document
17-Feb Ron Weir The application of seismic derived rock properties in predicting Duvernay Induced Fractures   Document
24-Feb   No Meeting - Reading Week    
3-Mar Hassan Khaniani A full waveform inversion approach based on dilation and rotation of scatter points and PP/PS wave separation   Document
10-Mar Sam Gray What is seismic data? Why should I not trust it? (Part 1)   Document
17-Mar Ebrahim Ghaderpour Anti-leakage least-squares spectral analysis for data regularization   Document
24-Mar Sam Gray What is seismic data? Why should I not trust it? (Part 2)   Document
31-Mar Bernie Law Incorporating reflection data into refraction statics solution   Document
7-Apr   End of Semester Pizza Party    
15-Sep Kris Innanen Introduction to CREWES   Document
22-Sep Kris Innanen CREWES Research   Document
29-Sep   No Meeting - SEG    
6-Oct Tim Cary, Dennis Ellison, Andy Iverson, Andrew Mills, Tyler Spackman Summer Jog Experiences   Document
13-Oct Tim Cary Facies volumes using LithoSI   Document
20-Oct Matt Eaid Efficiency in multiple prediction, leveraging the CMP gather   Document
27-Oct Andy Iverson Amplitude analysis of the inverse scattering series for internal multiple prediction   Document
3-Nov Shahpoor Moradi Quantum computing for seismic problems   Document
10-Nov   No Meeting - Reading Week    
17-Nov Tyler Spackman Seismic monitoring with continuous seismic sources   Document
24-Nov Sergio Romahn The seismic physical modelling laboratory as a tool for design and appraisal of FWI methods   Document
1-Dec   No Meeting - CREWES Sponsor's Meeting