32nd Annual CREWES Sponsors Meeting

Attendees of the meeting are encouraged to visit this page for quick access to meeting information and downloads.

Our 2020 CREWES Annual Sponsor's Meeting is set to occur Dec 3-4 2020 in online format. The group has made some really amazing progress this year, and we are very excited to share our results and ideas in DAS acquisition, seismic processing and imaging, full waveform inversion, and machine learning with you! As mentioned in September, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decision to hold the meeting online. Some basic meeting information follows.


Please ask any interested attendee from your sponsoring company to register with us (and do so yourself) by sending an email to k.innanen@ucalgary.ca, with your name, company, and let us know if you are planning to attend particular sessions, particular days, or the whole meeting. If you are registering on behalf of more than one person in your company (which is fine), please include the same information for everyone. There will be no registration fee this year, since its purpose was to defray various in-person meeting costs.

Meeting Timeline (all times MST / GMT-7)

  1. Thu Dec 3 Technical Sessions 8:30AM-4:45PM
  2. Fri Dec 4 Technical Sessions 8:30AM-4:45PM
  3. Sat Dec 5 Short Course 10:00AM-1:00PM

Meeting Format

At present we are planning to hold the meeting in Zoom format. (Please let us know ASAP if joining Zoom meetings causes issues for you.) The presentations will be pre-recorded in order to reduce possible bandwidth interruptions, but the presenter will be live to answer chat questions during the presentation, or live questions after their talk. At the end of each of the two technical session days there will be further opportunity for live questions and discussion.

Technical Program

The Technical Program contains a detailed schedule (subject to change) for the technical presentations. DAS methods & new sources, seismic monitoring, and processing/inversion sessions are on Day 1 (Dec 3). Full waveform inversion, and machine learning sessions are on Day 2 (Dec 4). Please feel free to distribute this to anyone within your company for whom a particular talk, session, or day might be of special interest.

Short Course

The sub-group we have been calling the CREWES Data Science Initiative, led by Daniel Trad and Marcelo Guarido, will again putting be on a 1-day post-meeting short course, this year called "Developing data science solutions to geophysical challenges". The course will be approximately 3hrs in length, and take place on the Saturday after the meeting proper (Dec 5). The course is appropriate for folks who have taken earlier versions, and for those who have not. The focus will be on introducing machine learning and neural network tools; after this the class will work through two recent geophysics machine learning challenges: interpretation of seismic facies and classification of log facies. Please see the syllabus for additional information.

Next Steps

More information will be sent out closer to the meeting time, including meeting and course invitations/passcodes etc. Thanks as always for your critical support of the group. We're really looking forward to seeing everyone and showing off some groundbreaking work. Stay safe and healthy!