Estimation of Thomsen's anisotropy parameter δ and ε using EO gathers

Pavan Elapavuluri and John .C. Bancroft


A measure of the different anisotropic parameters is essential in order to extend the seismic processing techniques to anisotropic media. The purpose of this study is to estimate the Thomsen's P-wave anisotropy parameters namely ε and δ, for transversely isotropic (TI) media. An inversion techniques based on the shifted hyperbola NMO equation is used for the estimation. Equivalent Offset (EO) gathers give a better estimate of the anisotropy parameters than conventional CMP/CDP gathers. This method was tested on the data collected over a synthetic model. It has been shown that δ can be estimated very accurately while estimation of ε is not as exact as δ. The anisotropic parameters of various formations of interest were estimated over the Blackfoot field in western Canada using this method.

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