Mechanical and electronic design for the U of C Seismic Physical Modelling Facility

Joe Wong*, Kevin W. Hall, Eric V. Gallant, and Malcolm B. Bertram


The University of Calgary Seismic Physical Modelling System has undergone significant upgrades. These upgrades include the implementation of a precise eight-axis positioning system based on modern linear electric motors, smaller piezoelectric transducers for ultrasonic sources and detectors, design of arrays of receiving and transmitting transducers, better high-voltage circuits for driving the source transducers, and improved amplifier electronics for the receivers. The various essential components have been combined mechanically and electronically in order to form a complete system that is able to automatically run acquisition experiments simulating high-fold 3D marine and land seismic surveys. Testing of the system, and integration with a master program for system control, are on-going.

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