New MATLAB functions for reading, writing and modifying SEG-Y files

Heather J. E. Lloyd and Kevin W. Hall and Gary F. Margrave


The SEGY_Toolbox for MATLAB is a new set of tools that allow SEG_Y files to be read, modified, and written. This toolbox adheres to the SEG-Y Revision 1 standard set out in the SEG Y rev 1 Data Exchange format publication. Unlike previous SEG-Y MATLAB tools, this toolbox tries to be as flexible as possible when reading SEG-Y files but very stringent when writing SEG-Y files. Currently the following tools are available: SEGY_EditTextHeader, SEGY_StandardizeHeader, SEGY_endianSwap, SEGY_getData, SEGY_getHeader, SEGY_getTraces, SEGY_read, SEGY_readHeader, SEGY_readMulti, SEGY_setHeader, SEGY_write, SEGY_writeHeaders, and SEGY_writeTraces. Please contact the authors if any further functionality is desired.

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