Results from comparison tests between sources and geophones in a December 2010 survey at the Priddis test site

Malcolm B. Bertram, J. Helen Isaac, Kevin W. Hall and Kevin L. Bertram


An analysis is made of seismic data from a comparison study carried out in December 2010 at Priddis, Alberta. Comparisons are made between two different sources and three types of geophones. The analysis provides a quantitative and qualitative comparison between the onSEIS and EnviroVibe sources, and different geophones.

Filtered shot gathers show that both sources produce reasonable data, although the EnviroVibe seems to be a better energy source for this location with greater bandwidth, providing better definition of the shallow reflections as well as better imaging deeper layers. The processed sections also indicate better results from the EnviroVibe.

The higher sensitivity of the GS-One geophone shows a better signal to noise ratio than the SM24 and RTC4.5 geophones. As expected, the RTC4.5 geophones do have considerably more low frequency data than the 10 Hz geophones, and would be a preferable choice if the focus of the survey were at this end of the spectrum.

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