A comparison of standard migration with EOM for Hussar data

Thais A. Guirigay, John C. Bancroft and J. Helen Isaac


Equivalent Offset Migration (EOM) is a method of prestack time migration based on the principles of prestack Kirchhoff migration and its advantages are simpler, faster, flexible and reliable than the conventional methods.

Common Scatter gathers are created for each output migrated trace based on the EOM method. The gathers have high fold and offsets that can be greater than the maximum source-receiver offset. This high fold and large offsets provides a better focus of the semblance plot, and therefore improves the resolution of velocity analysis over conventional common midpoint gathers. After velocity analysis, normal moveout and stacking completes the prestack migration.

Prestack time migration (PSTM) requires an accurate velocity model for get a good image of the subsurface.

The intend of this paper is to provide a comparison between a standard PSTM using the Kirchhoff Algorithm with Equivalent Offset Migration for a dataset from Hussar area in Alberta.

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