Nonlinear scattering terms in a seismic context

Shahin Jabbari and Kris Innanen


The scattering theory can be used as a powerful theoretic approach to understand and process seismic data. Exploring inverse scattering series, which have been used to remove multiples from seismic data, depends on understanding how these series generate primaries and multiples. We are engaged in a study of time lapse seismic problem in the context of scattering theory. To begin this project, we here review the key theoretical antecedent of our near term project, the work of Matson (1996). Analytical calculation of the Born series shows that the higher order terms in the series alter the amplitude and adjust the velocity of the scattered wavefield as well as describe internal multiple reflections. Primary reflections are described by all of the terms in the series whereas a multiple which contains n reflections is described by the nth and all higher order terms.

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