Husky 2011 walkaway 3C-VSP

Kevin W. Hall and Don C. Lawton and Dawson E Holloway and Eric V. Gallant


CREWES was a participant in a walk-away vertical seismic profile (VSP) test near Cold Lake. Two-hundred and twenty-two VectorSeis accelerometers were deployed in a well at a nominal two meter spacing. Fourteen source points were acquired with dynamite and the University of Calgary’s EnviroVibe source without moving the string of accelerometers in the well. P-S wavefields are observed on the radial and transverse components, and S-S wavefields are visible on the vertical, radial and transverse components for most shots. Higher amplitude down-going S-waves were generated from the vibrator source compared to dynamite. Three methods to perform automated component rotation are tested, and shown to give similar results, which are consistent between both source types. P-P and P-S brute corridor stacks are produced and compared to synthetic seismograms.

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