Potentials for anelastic scattering

Kristopher A. H. Innanen


Previous efforts to characterize the scattering problem for anelastic waves have been carried out in the anacoustic regime, and in the full anelastic regime but for single reflectors (i.e., the anelastic AVO problem). Here we begin to frame the full anelastic scattering problem, focusing on some key issues: transformation of anelastic scattering potentials to the P-, Sv-, and Sh- potential domain, and the consequences to that transformation of moving from an elastic reference/anelastic perturbation model to an anelastic reference/anelastic perturbation model. We use the scattering potentials thus derived to produce sensitivity kernels for full waveform inversion iterates wherein VP , VS, ρ updates are carried out in elastic target determination, and QP and QS updates are added in anelastic target determination.

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