Operating instructions for mFD2D, MATLAB code for generating seismograms in 2D elastic media

Joe Wong and Peter Manning


The MATLAB software package mFD2D.m uses a finite-difference, time-stepping method to simulate elastic wave propagation in 2D media. It generates seismograms for a variety of acquisition geometries, and stores the resulting seismograms in SEGY files. Compared to real field data which are 3D in character, the resulting 2D seismograms have the correct kinematics, but amplitudes and phases are in error. Despite this limitation, the code should be useful for educational and research purposes, and for pre-survey planning of real-world seismic surveys. This report provides detailed information on the input files containing parameters that control the numerical modeling performed by the mFD2D code, as well as instructions on how to use the software.

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