Preparing for experimental CO2 injection: Seismic data analysis

J. Helen Isaac and Don C. Lawton


We processed and interpreted a small new 1 km x 1 km 3D seismic survey in the study area in Southern Alberta. This area is of interest for planned experimental CO2 injection into sandstones in three formations; the Basal Belly River at about 285 m, the Medicine Hat at 475 m and the Second White Speckled Shale, at 710 m.

The processing included noise attenuation, Gabor deconvolution and post-stack time migration. We also filtered the data after NMO to remove strongly dipping events.

We interpreted the data and made time and depth structure maps. We also mapped the formation tops from wells. In general there is gentle geological dip to the northwest. In the immediate area of interest (section 22, R017 T18W4M) the surface elevations vary by only about 7 m.

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