1.5D Internal multiple prediction in the plane wave domain

Jian Sun and Kris Innanen


The inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm was developed by Weglein and collaborators in the 1990s, based on the fact that internal multiples could be constructed from subevents satisfying the lower-higher-lower relationship in the pseudodepth domain. Innanen (2012) implemented a 1.5D version of the algorithm in MATLAB and complemented the 1D version of the algorithm studied by Hernandez and Innanen (2012).

We present a 1.5D MATLAB implementation of this algorithm in plane wave domain, as initially formulated by Coates and Weglein (1996) and analyzed by Nita and Weglein (2009). Compared to the application in the wavenumber-pseudo depth domain, we generate improved numerical accuracy and reduced Fourier artifacts from internal multiple prediction in the plane wave domain. Furthermore, the procedure for generating the input data is greatly simplified. We believe the plane wave domain is a promising way of posing full 2D versions of the algorithm.

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