Influence of color operator on Husky Hussar data

Sina Esmaeili and Gary F. Margrave


The real seismic section, even after excellent data processing, is always very bandlimited, lacking both low and high frequencies. In this situation, recovering any of this bandwidth can be helpful. Especially, at the low frequencies, missing any of this information can effect remarkably the impedance estimation. Data that has been deconvolved will usually have a white spectrum whereas well logs show a roll off in spectral amplitude at the low frequencies that is called "color". Using a color operator can restore this spectral color.

In this study, the effect of three different color operators on Husky Hussar data has been investigated. The results also are compared with the Colored Inversion method which is a popular way to compute a bandlimited impedance inversion with spectral color. These results demonstrate that using the color operator can improve the impedance results significantly.

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