Visualizing inversion results with rock physics templates

Brian Russell


In this report, I discuss several new approaches for linking rock physics to the seismic reservoir characterization process. I will first discuss a deterministic rock physics approach and show how we can project the results of rock physics modeling onto a cross-plot of V P /V S ratio versus P-impedance that has been extracted from the results of simultaneous pre-stack seismic inversion. From this cross-plot interpretation we can then project the results directly onto the seismic volume itself. Having identified the hydrocarbon zone using this deterministic approach I will then discuss a statistical clustering and classification approach applied to the data cross-plot which will allow us to develop a probabilistic interpretation of the extent of the hydrocarbon anomaly. This approach will go beyond the normal approach using bivariate Gaussian pdf functions and will introduce the concept of mixture-Gaussian pdfs. As with the deterministic method, the pdf classification functions can then be projected onto the seismic volume. I will illustrate the various approaches with examples from a gas sand example in Alberta.

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