CREWES in the field 2016, a brief overview

Kevin L. Bertram, Kristopher A.H. Innanen, Don C. Lawton, Kevin W. Hall and Malcolm B. Bertram


CREWES has the distinction of being one of the very few research consortiums that has year round access to industry acquisition equipment. This allows acquisition research to be carried out by CREWES as well as giving students the opportunity to witness in field data acquisition. This benefits the students greatly in that it shows them what is possible as well as some of the limitations of data gathering.

Acquisition projects that CREWES has been a part of in 2016 include: a) two collaborative seismic projects in New Zealand; b) a seismic acquisition test at the Priddis Test Site using both downhole 3C receivers and two different types of surface 3C receivers; c) the 2016 undergraduate field school which performed a 1C-2D line near Pincher Creek, Alberta; d) a return to Priddis to use a shear wave source to record a 3C-2D surface line and downhole 3C.

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