Priddis experiment

Kevin L. Bertram, J. Helen Isaac, Kevin W. Hall and Malcolm B. Bertram


A 3C seismic experiment was conducted at the Priddis test site in June of 2016. 3C geophones down test hole Number One were used for recording along with surface receivers. Two receiver lines (Lines 1 and 3) were laid out with one towards the North and one towards the East with a receiver spacing of five metres. A grid of nodal seismic receivers was laid out between the two lines. All nodal receivers had a spacing of twenty metres.

Several source lines were used with this experiment. Two lines coincided with the two receiver lines that were laid out to the North and East from the test hole while a third was shot in between these two, all with a spacing of five metres. There were also three source lines laid out in a quarter circle between receiver lines one and three with radii of ten metres, twenty metres and thirty metres.

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