PP and PS reflection and transmission coefficients in anelastic media: the anomalous case

P.F. Daley and E.S. Krebes


Using the derivation of reflection and transmission coefficients at the interface between two elastic given in Aki and Richards (1980) as a starting point, modified coefficients may be obtained for the case of two anelastic media in welded contact at a similar (plane) boundary. The anelastic equivalents of two elastic velocity distributions are considered for P − wave incidence on the plane boundary separating the two medium. Figures showing the plots of amplitude and phase of the four coefficients P 1 P 1 , P 1 P 2 , P 1 S 1 and P 1 S 2 are produced with the results from the elastic case included in all of the plots. As the term "anomalous" requires some preliminary introduction of terms, its definition, used in context here, will be left be left until later in the report.

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