VSP azimuthal travel time analysis at the Field Research Station near Brooks, AB.

Adriana Gordon, Don C. Lawton and David W. Eaton


As part of the Containment and Monitoring Institute (CaMI) CO 2 injection project, Vertical Seismic Profile data (VSP) were acquired at the Field Research Station in May 2015. A half walk-around VSP survey was acquired and processed for an azimuthal analysis. Obtaining the first break traveltime variations with azimuth, was the first step. Statics corrections and median filters were applied to help differentiate a sinusoidal trend in the data. The fast direction, estimated from the trend, is at approximately 40 degrees, which is similar to the Western Canada stress orientation (NE-SW). An estimation of the anisotropy parameter epsilon (ε) yield a value of 0.02, indicative of weak anisotropy. The data was rotated as a starting point of the processing flow by using with different approaches, in order to obtain imaging results in the future work. However, further analysis must be done in order to obtain a more detailed conclusion.

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