RefMod: software program for reflectivity modeling

Todor I. Todorov and Gary F. Margrave


RefMod is a software program designed to generate body-wave synthetic seismograms based on the reflectivity method. The model consists of flat elastic isotropic layers, with a point source (explosion) on the surface and receivers on the surface. The software generates two-component seismograms: vertical and horizontal components. The reflectivity method of modeling has a number of advantages. It generates high-frequency synthetics, and includes inter-bed multiples and mode-conversions. Attenuation is easily incorporated by using complex velocities. The method allows the user to turn 'On' and 'Off' the effects of multiples and mode-conversions, allowing easier interpretation of different contributions. The current implementation does not include free-surface effects.

The software is developed in JAVA programing language, which makes it platform independent: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX. In order to run the software, the user must install Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from the Oracle website. It is multi-threaded, i.e. one can use the power of multicore processors. The generated vertical and horizontal component shot gathers can be exported as SEGY files.

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